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  • Workpiece Ring from Robert Pattinson

    You can marry Edward Kalen as much as you like, but only in your dreams. But to get the same ring for his own wedding that the vampire-member gave the Bella in the film, now anyone can, and in reality. A sketch of the ring was made by Stefani Mayer in tandem with Shelley Aston, […]

  • Vera Brezhneva returns to “VIA GRU”

    After long ups and downs and a painful search for soloists, "VIA Gra" returns to the usual eye (and, of course, the ear). A couple of months ago, Nadezhda Granovskaya again came to the group (she – Meikher), and now Vera Brezhnev announced the desire to be in the team again. Thus, from May 1 […]

  • Russian President became a blogger

    Dmitry Medvedev in a residence "Slides" writes an appeal to his blog The development of blogging in Russia is becoming an increasingly relevant topic. So Russian President Dmitry Medvedev acquired his own account in a living magazine. Do not flatter yourself, Dmitry Anatolyevich will not personally "To post" Records in a living magazine. Its account […]

  • How America Ferrer celebrated her birthday

    America Ferrere turned 26 on April 18, but the actress rolled the party only last weekend. She became an excellent occasion to gather the stars of the series again "Betty ugly" (Well, at least somewhere we can still see them together). Photos shared by the blogger Faila. The celebration took place in the New York […]

  • Alexey Makarov became a father

    Alexey Makarov and Victoria Bogatyreva Lyubov Polishchuk son, actor Alexei Makarov, with whose name they associate a lot of scandals of different scale in secular Moscow, decided to fit. In any case, now the status obliges – the other day he first became a father. His 29-year-old friend Victoria Bogatyreva gave birth to a daughter. […]

  • Bargaining to save the land: stars at Christie’s Christie’s

    April 22 in most countries of the world celebrated Earth Day. In this regard, Christie’s arranged the so -called Green Auction: a bid to save the earth, that is,, "bargaining to save the land". At the auction, the works of famous modern photographers and artists were presented – Annie Leibovitz, Jenny Holzer, Damien Hurst. All […]

  • Amanda Pete gave birth to a daughter

    Now Amanda Pete and her husband screenwriter David Benioff are the parents of two beautiful daughters. The other day (on Tuesday, April 20), the actress gave birth to a girl called Molly June Benioff. The birth began a little earlier than planned – on Tuesday, Amanda had to interview David Letterman (it, of course, had […]

  • Olga Kurilenko: Career – yes, marriage – no!

    Olga Kurilenko has serious family experience. She was married twice – she lived with photographer Sedric Van Mole for three years, and with her second husband businessman Damine Gabriellem. In general, weddings and divorces Olga were bored – she is not going to marry anymore. The actress herself told reporters about this. According to her, […]

  • Oleg Skit is preparing to become a father

    The good news came from Kyiv – they say, a musician, the leader of the group "Vypoplyasov’s cries" Oleg Skit is preparing to become a dad. At one of the local social events, Oleg appeared with his civilian wife Natalya. Togo has already noticeably widened his tummy. The violin did not go into details of […]

  • Vera Farmiga is expecting a baby

    Nominee on "Oscar" Actress Vera Farmiga is pregnant, already in October the baby should be born. This is the second child of Farmigi and her husband of the actor and producer Renna Hawki. This is a wonderful news, but because of the quickly birth of the baby, Vera was forced to abandon the role in […]