“Working uniform” of the singer Rihanna

& quot; working uniform & quot; Singer Rihanna

The embodiment of pop-eyed, the standard of eclecticism and an ardent champion of candid outfits, 23-year-old singer Rihanna outside the stage seems to vote for comfort in clothes. At least, it is precisely such a conclusion that the photos on Facebook found, found by the blogger Dina008.

Rihanna is captured in the midst of work on the new album Talk that Talk. In striped (of course, tightening!) pajamas and warm socks, in comfortable jeans and a sweater with a Dalmatian, in a cozy gray hoodie, the singer makes amendments to the texts of her songs and immediately tries new options in the recording studio.

However, styling, bright lipstick, intense eye makeup and large jewelry accompanie a diva and in "home".

By the way, the single wefond love, which is marked by Rihanna as "Completed" In one of the pictures, he became 11th for her "Hit number one" In the charts of the United States. So, the young pop -icon was already overtaken by Janet Jackson and Stevie Wander with their 10 hits at Billboard Chart, caught up with Whitney Houston, but still behind the Queen of the Madonna scene – however, only one single. And perhaps it is the song from the new, sixth album of the singer that equalizes the results.

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