Wedding at Twilight: Bella Swan’s dress will become even more accessible

Wedding in & quot; Twilight & quot;: Bella Swan's dress will become even more accessible

Dream "Twilight", vampires and werewolves, simultaneously gathering down the aisle? You have every chance to repeat Bella Swan’s success: the replica of her wedding dress is becoming more and more affordable.

For many months, the fans of the saga wondered who would create a toilet for their favorite performed by Kristen Stuart. Different names were called, including Za Pozoen. However, in the end, the right to develop a wedding outfit went to Carolina Herrera, who herself "Was said" About this honor, saying:

It is always nice to create wedding dresses. But this outfit is special. Kristen is a wonderful actress, and an amazing bride will come out of her heroine.

Many fans have already managed to evaluate the dress (only for the first weekend the film was collected at the box office – Nikita Sergeyevich, exaggerate a tear! – 139 million dollars), others only have to do this, but the most entrepreneurial are already looking for candidates for grooms, just to have time to put on a white satin and lace.

Alfred Angelo got a license for the production of replicas of the dress: soon in the network of his stores, as well as in the Carolina Herrera boutique, it will be possible to purchase a copy of the wedding dress. It cost, by the way, there will be quite affordable money – only $ 799!

By the way, you can choose and "Twilight" Manolo Blahnik shoes, which Carrie Bradshaw created the favorite shoe designer specifically for the film. Made from a white satin and decorated with a brooch from rhinestones, they will perfectly complement the image. But they will cost, apparently, more expensive than dresses!

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