“Wandering”: show Alexander Arngoldt as part of Volvo models of fashion

& quot; Wandering & quot;: Anxander Arngoldt show as part of Volvo models of mods

Last Monday, the Volvo Fashion Related, but yesterday, outside its temporary framework, but as part of the conceptual ones, the alexander arngoldt, which gathered a lot of star guests – Svetlana Bondarchuk, Sati Spivakova, Anna Mikhalkov and many others, took place.

The collection is called "Wandering", And her heroine was a woman-lunatic who broke more than one male heart, moving around the city in a dark night. She was a puppet in the fluorescent hands of the heavenly luminary: she walked along the wires, cornices, went out the windows and stayed there until the lunar path pulled her back…

Defile design – from styling models to light and sound – created a mysterious atmosphere, a little nervous and even frightening. Females with their eyes closed as if soared over the catwalk, demonstrating outfits of the autumn-winter season.

Gloomy palette (black, gray, brown colors) was diluted with cheerful shades like fuchsia and mustard. Alexander Arngold offers a feminine image with light notes of retro: the designer mixes strict pencil skirts with lace tops, trousers -pants – with printed blouses, and fitted dresses with thin woolen tanks.

A line of outerwear also deserves a separate mention – despite the bright sun outside the window, I really want to try on a coat with fur trim, as well as spectacular fur coats!

Alexander Arngoldt

Guests of the show:

Anna Mikhalkova, Alexander Arngoldt, Svetlana Bondarchuk

Marianna Sardarova, Sati Spivakova

Sati Spivakov

Svetlana Zakharova with her daughter

Elena Sotnikova

Katrin Borisov

Maria Kravtsova

Vitaly Kozak and Natalya Turovnikova

Bart Dors with a satellite

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