“Treasures about.To.”: Apriling trailer with Alexei Vorobyov

& quot; Treasures O.K. & quot;: The action -packed trailer with Alexei Vorobyov

While the whole country is worried about the health of Alexei Vorobyov (someone believes, someone does not believe in the unplanning of a car accident), a new film trailer appeared on the network with the participation of the artist – "Previous about.To." (in another interpretation – "Treasures of Lake Kaban").

Let us leave the holivars about the PR of the new picture and pay attention to its plot: the film tells about the adventures of the heroes (Vorobyov had a chance to play with two beauties at once – Maria Kozhevnikova and Elvira Ibragimova) who are looking for the Khan’s treasury in Kazan. Increased treasures were hidden in Lake Kaban, while the Kazan capital was besieged by Ivan the Troops of the Territory (Missbecha blogger shared a link to the trailer).

Alexey played charming "Indiana Jones" named Cyril, who, in search of adventures, unexpectedly falls in love with the eastern "partner" By the name of Gulya. By a strange coincidence, on advertising posters, Alexei drives a car.

The picture of Dmitry Korokkin will be released on May 1 – and it is not yet known whether the leading actor at the premiere will be able to be present. Be that as it may, we wish Alexei Vorobyov a speedy recovery.

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