Tori spelling performed for children

Tori spelling performed for children

Tori spelling with her husband and children

It seems that her family has not seen such a Tori spalling. The actress surprised everyone, going on stage as part of the puppet show Yo Gabba Gabba! Live! There’s a Party in My City. Together with her husband, she dashingly dancing and sang to the joy of her own children, who also participated in the room.

Well, the rest of the little spectators who came to the performance with their parents repeated the dance movements behind the star and enthusiastically looked at the growth dolls, the characters of their favorite show.

Despite the fact that it was a holiday for children, adults seem to have fun no less than them. Among these were Jami Fox, Travis Barker, Tiffany Tessen and other stars.

The impressions of the event Tori Spelling, of course, shared in her microblog, and also told fans how her thanksgiving day passed. It turns out that the main decoration of the festive table was the newborn baby Hatti in a costume costume.

This is of course inedible, but very fun. And besides, magnificent photos will remain as a souvenir.

Bringing the future of Hetty’s indignation, who learned how her parents dressed up, Tory hastened to make excuses:

Forgive us, 18-year-old Hatty. It was too good an idea to refuse it.

It is a pity that Tori herself did not dress in something like. Also a good idea, agree.

Tori spelling

…and her performance on stage

Tiffany Tessen

Jami Fox

…And so the daughter of Tori Spelling, Hatti looked on the day of thanksgiving

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