Tom Ford and H&M: Is it possible?

Tom Ford and H∓ M: Is it possible?

Before I had time to appear in the stores&M, created by Donatella Versace, as the Swedish brand announced the name of the new contender for cooperation. Shotakoe blogger found out that soon it may be worth waiting for a collaboration with Tom Ford. In any case, this is what Margarita Van Den Bosch, the creative leader of the brand, is sure that this "Ford – a very interesting name in the world of fashion", with whom she is "I would not mind working".

Of course, we will look forward to the designer to answer the offer h&M, but, to tell you in truth, we are tormented by vague doubts that a positive answer may not sound: Tom Ford is so striving to leave the mass market in his own projects (even his shows take place at "closed doors") that he is unlikely to be seduced by cooperation with almost the most popular democratic brand in the world. But we still hold your fists. And you?

Michelle Obama, Madonna and Mill Yovovich – fans of the brand Tom Ford

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