“Soldier Jane” goes to war: Demi Moore will sue her husband’s condition

& quot; soldier Jane & quot; goes to war: Demi Moore succeeds in her husband's condition

Now that the divorce of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher has been officially announced, it would be naive to assume that the media will listen to the request of the actress "show understanding and not violate her family’s right to inviolability of her personal life". "By ear" Demi’s intention to sue the ex -husband a whole fortune. "News" Sunnyrain blogger shared with gossipers.

On Sunday, information appeared in the press, as if, "Digging" Recent events during a recovery in Hawaii, Demi, who was determined to fight for the preservation of marriage last week, now decided to do without wide gestures and simply sue most of his condition.

The reason for this is the confidence that his "suddenly" increased since 2005 (it was then the couple got married) to the earnings of Ashton Katcher obliged the popularity of the demi itself.

A similar point of view has solid soil – thanks to the publication of interesting personal facts of family life, the account of the 33 -year -old actor was the first to gain a million subscribers on Twitter. Now behind the ups and downs "first-hand" Six million fans are already being monitored.

How much "Roads" their relations will be difficult to judge, the press with equal confidence speaks of 97 jointly acquired millions, and about 190 million for each starry "Half" Once a strong couple.

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