“Side effects”: why did Katherine Zeta-Jones beat Juda Lou

& quot; side effects & quot;: Why did Katherine Zeta-Jones beat Juda Lowe

Katherine Zeta-Jones and Jude Law

Recently, we looked at the new image "Girls with Dragon Tattoos" Runi Mara on the set "Side effects". Now it’s time to admire the fresh photos of Katherine Zeta-Jones and Juda Lowe.

Picture "Side effects" It is already worth looking for one scene – brawls between the heroes of Katherine and Juda. The 42-year-old actress looked very convincing when from the back "Charged" a bag on the neck that is an unsuspecting hero Lowe. The last one, like a true gentleman, took a stroke. Although, judging by the personnel, he received a slight shell.

By the way, the overall work in the new film by Stephen Soderberg was already the third in the account of the actors. Jude and Katherine played together in paintings "Traffic" and "Twelve Rusey Ocean".

Recall that the main female role in "Side effects" Runi Mara will play (the American actress managed to go around such stars as Blake Lyivli, Olivia Wilde, Amanda Saifried, Emily Blant, Michelle Williams). The heroine of Runi – Emily – is waiting for her husband’s return from prison (Channing Tatum will play his role). Gradually, it becomes dependent on the antidepressants, which the psychoanalyst (low) prescribes her. In parallel, they have a novel.

From the master of the intrigue of Soderberg, you can expect anything. But there is a hope that the heroine of Katherine will be able to defeat Emily’s dependence, and the film will delight us with a happy end.

Katherine Zeta-Jones and Jude Law on the set

"Jude, stay away from strong women!"

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