Eurovision 2011: contestants from Portugal and Lithuania

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Eurovision 2011: contestants from Portugal and Lithuania

Portugal on "Eurovision 2011" Presents a parody duo of Homens da Luta, and Lithuania is a young singer Evelina Sashenko. Meet the artists closer.

The Homens da Luta group was formed by the Vasco and Nuno Duarte brothers. The name of their group is translated into Russian as "Male struggle". The guys are known, first of all, with their comedy talents – parodies of Portuguese stars. Last year, they have already stormed national selection for "Eurovision", But they were disqualified. This year they won and are ready to present their song to all Europe (more precisely, the musical number) a luta e alegria ("The joy of struggle"). It will sound 16th in the first semifinals.

If the previous participants still have fun on stage, then the 23-year-old Lithuanian singer of Polish descent Evelina Sashenko, on the contrary, is extremely serious in what she does. Evelina sang from early childhood and became famous at a rather young age thanks to all kinds of music competitions.

Last year, Sashenko was already trying to break into "Eurovision", But, alas, she took only the third position in the national selection. But this year, citizens of Lithuania decided to entrust participating in the competition exactly to her. She will sing in the first semifinals of the 17th.

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