Duet Michael Jackson and Aikon: Hold My Hand

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Duet Michael Jackson and Aikon: Hold My Hand

Michael Jackson and Eikon

Michael Jackson died, but his business lives (and, we are sure, he will live). Firstly, his music is very in demand after his death (moreover, he brings considerable income), and secondly, the release of the new album is soon preparing. A plate with the laconic name Michael will go on sale on December 14. The disc is compiled of completely new songs that the pop king managed to record in the last years of his life. And the main thing today is the news: the single my Hand can already be listened!

The composition is posted on the official website of Michael Jackson (in general, its unfinished version appeared on the Internet a couple of years ago, the composition was finished recently). This is a duet with hip-hop by the performer Aikon. By the way, he spoke very warmly about Michael, and about work, and its result:

Two years ago, when the Hold My Hand show appeared on the Web, the time of this song has not yet come. Now that the last strokes are imposed, before us is a real masterpiece, stadium anthem, a real pop khita. I am so proud and happy that I was lucky to work with Michael, who was always my idol.

It remains to wait for the release of the album – all the more, in nine years, Jackson has not released a single record. Thus, its posthumous disc is especially valuable.

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