Secrets of Valentina Yudashkin

Yesterday, an exhibition of works by fashion designer Valentina Yudashkin under the name was opened in the Historical Museum on Red Square "Secrets of Haute Couture", dedicated to the 20th anniversary of his fashion house. According to Mr. Yudashkin himself yesterday, he was on his feet at six in the morning, and this truly Stakhanov enthusiasm played a cruel joke with the master. After all, he did not just woke up the instrument, his day was very saturated.

Mr. Yudashkin held a daily press conference, then from words he went to business and acted as a guide, conducting a tour for journalists. Then he released living exotic butterflies into the exposition hall, after which he met his friend Alla Pugachev (the only information sponsor of the event was radio "Alla") with Maxim Galkin.

And only here people with invitation tickets began to arrive, and Mr. Yudashkin ran out of strength. That is, Alexander Dosteman and Vladimir Kozhin, he met very affably, but after that the forces finally left the maestro, and he left the museum.

Alexander Dosterman and Vladimir Kozhin

At the same time, the number of invited caused memories of the best days of another institution located on Red Square. And not even humans at all. The guests gathered at first for a long time marked in that hall of the museum, where Rolls-Royce Lenin stands, and then, well, just like to the leader’s body, they launched small groups into the exhibition hall. And although the organizers of the event told me that it would be a very closed evening, there was a feeling that even very distant relatives of the very distant relatives of the younger seamstress of the fashion house Valentin Yudashkina took shape among the guests.

Among these people, one could notice Violett Litvinov, Lena Lenin, Oksana Robsky with Maria Tsigal, Andrei Sharova, Natalya Gandurina, Daria Spiridonova with her husband Leonid and Vaga Engibaryan.

model Julia Kurbatova and Anna Bek, organizer of the exhibition

Lena Lenin

Andrey Sharov

Spouses Spiridonov

With this accumulation of folk and not very masses, it was quite difficult to discern the displayed dresses, but as far as I still succeeded, there is something to see there.

At nine in the evening, guests began to be expelled from the museum, since it was supposed to close. For my part, I hope to please you with a more thorough story about Valentina Yudashkin two weeks later, when the fashion designer celebrates his birthday. A truly grandiose celebration is expected.

Masha Tsigal, Andrey Sharov, Oksana Robski

Masha Tsigal with son Senya

Violetta Litvinova

Marina Yudashkina

Alla Pugacheva

Valentin Yudashkin


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