Sag Awards-2012: Choosing the best image

Sag Awards-2012: Choosing the best image

So they waited for the most interesting – voting for the best image of the awarding ceremony of the Actors of the United States. Having studied outfits, accessories and even hairstyles, we can safely make our choice. Who will win?

Our first participant is Emily Blunt, who was in the Oscar de la Renta dress. The silhouette of the outfit may be typical of red paths, but the shade is definitely not. Someone could have lost the color of the grass in chiffon drapery, but not our heroine – her bright herbs was to her face.

Steisi Keelier this time decided to choose a win -win option – a lace dress Marchesa (classic genre!). She got on the list due to the fact that the outfit really sat down. Yes "accessory" in the person of George Clooney is worth a lot!

Until recently, Viola Davis was not a frequent guest of red paths, but a brilliant game in "Servant" She did her job, and now the actress spoke her evenings, honing the skill of exit. This time, stylists picked up a Greek -style dress from Marchesa and, it seems, did not lose.

You can criticize Angelina Jolie as much as you like, but one cannot but admit the obvious: no matter how many kilograms she weighs, this actress knows how to present herself in the most profitable light! So this time, Angie chose, it would seem, a simple black dress from Jenny Peckham, and looked in it truly royal. Bravo!

Lea Michel decided to do without experiments, choosing a classic evening dress from Versace. It seems to be nothing new, but it looks great. Agree?

One of the most unusual Sag Awards was a toilet from the Givenchy couture collection, selected by the stylists for Zouya Saldana. Original cut, unusual texture, complex decor: this image may not become the best, but one of the most memorable – for sure.

Emma Stone from head to toe put on Alexander McQueen. Dress, handbag and even actress shoes were this brand. Feminine silhouette and lace decoration were interestingly combined with aggressive details like horses and skulls that decorated the handle-stone of its clutch. And all this surprisingly went to the girl!

Recently, Tilda Swinton is increasingly published in outfits, emphasizing the feminine side of her nature. So for Sag Awards, she prepared a draped Lanvin toilet of milk -colored, which was complemented by a yellow gold bracelet and diamonds. Nothing extra!

Michelle Williams does not cheat on himself: her outfits on the red tracks are always restrained, modest, but at the same time exquisite and gorgeous in their own way. This time she chose a scarlet Valentino dress with lace decor, complemented by yellow gold accessories, including the stylish Lanvin clutch, which became one of the accents of the image of the actress.

Jessica Chastain, unlike most guests, relied on laconic design from Calvin Klein. No decor, ruffle and frill – only the perfect landing and beautiful color that the red -haired actress goes so! And earrings with large sapphires effectively completed the image.

So whose image you liked the most?

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