Ryan Gosling – the coolest person of 2011

Ryan Gosling - the coolest person of 2011

The end of the year is the time to summarize the results. Time published its own, recognizing the coolest Ryan Gosling – hard and emotional at the same time, who knows how to be different in every film. This was reported to us by the blogger Sunnyrain.

The Council, which determined the coolest person of the year, hesitated for a long time. They wanted to choose a person whose steepness was already tested and extended to others, including the journal employees.

According to the publication, coolness is, to a greater extent, not what you are doing, but how. Therefore, they considered candidates from completely different spheres – among world leaders, singers, hackers and newspaper columnists.

So, coolness was discovered in the legendary actor Marlon Brando, in which a calm calm is connected with confidence and lack of necessity in others.

Marlon Brando

The US Navy (Seal Team Six), which fights terrorists, seeming incredibly cool, also became the applicant for victory. However, they, firstly, are too secret, and, secondly, there is still a weak possibility that one of those who arranged a raid to shelter Osama Ben Laden will do something uncomfortable.

The other candidate was the comedy actress Melissa McCartney, but she was considered too active.

Melissa McCartney

The coolest person of this year could be the founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange, however, this option is suitable, rather for the results of 2010.

Julian Assange

The star of the film of this year "Boacher 2: From Vegas to Bangkok" Zach Galifianakis also, in the opinion of the committee, is quite cool, however, "Too bearded".

Zak Galifianakis

As a result, the choice fell on Ryan Gosling, who did not observe such shortcomings.

Journalist Joel Stein writes:

The coolest character of the year – Ryan Gosling – is so cool that he even refused to discuss this honorary title with me. Another publication, faced with such a problem, could retreat and choose someone else who would agree to play their game and be their public monkey, but the committee for choosing the coolest people – for the truth. In addition, the deadline was getting closer, so it was much easier for us to leave Gosling.

The journal also says:

There is no such genre in which it would not be organic. Coolness is to feel comfortable in your skin. Everything else is the result of this.

Ryan is a real king of coolness. You did everything right this year.

Ryan really spent this year very productively. Several very noticeable films with his participation came out – "Festival" "Drive" Nicholas Winding Refna and "March Ida" George Clooney and commercially successful comedy "This is stupid – love". And on the set of a new project – "The Place Beyond the Pines" – Ryan found his love – Eve Mendes. A year for state link, definitely success!

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