Royal Christmas 2011

Royal Christmas 2011

Prince William, Prince Charles, Katherine Middleton, Duchess of Cornwall Camilla and Prince Harry

Christmas Royal Family of Great Britain, according to tradition, celebrates the festive worship. And yesterday, the crowds of curious gathered at the church of St. Mary Magdalene near the royal estrding estate (Norfolk County) to look at the monarchs with their own eyes.

Queen Elizabeth II, together with her daughter -in -law, Countess of Wessex Sophie, arrived at the car, but the rest – Katherine Middleton, Princes William, Harry and Charles, Princess Beatrice and Eugene and others – We walked to the church on foot.

The movement was unhurried, because representatives of the famous dynasty stopped every now and then to communicate with the people. Duchess Katherine used special attention, since for her this is the first Christmas in the circle of the royal family. Last year, she held a holiday with her family – because it was the last Christmas before her marriage.

After the service, the entire high -society company went to its residence in Sandringham, where they were already waiting for a traditional Christmas dinner with a turkey at the head of the table.

For several days, all members of the royal surname will spend together, enjoying communication with each other and relaxing from their hard duties.

Members of the royal family go to church

Duchess of Cornwall Camilla, Katherine Middleton and Prince William

Prince William

Queen Elizabeth II

Octo Philippus, Peter Philipps and Princess Beatrice

Princess Eugene

Lady Louise and Prince Edward

Mike Tindall and Zara Filipps

Zara and Oon Filippus

Prince Harry and Mike Tindall

Countess Essex Sofia

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