Renata Litvinova: Goddess in training

Renata Litvinova appeared on the cover of the September issue of Sex and the City magazine. In an interview, Renata admitted that she does not like jeans, wears training, recognizes sex only by love and believes that happiness must be filed.

"The goddess is in training", As her magazine called her, she did not suffer from a photo shoot, unless she slightly loaded by the window. But she cheerfully threw herself from a pillow and looked at the photos of a couple in love – all this in the outfits of Martin Margiela, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ferre and others.

"I go to the store, but not in jeans – I just don’t like jeans. But in some kind of training and glasses I go constantly."

"The only motivation that can justify you and me, and many are love. And any of your assumptions, how best to build life with a person without love, punishable."

"Sex – It’s great only when there is love."

"I can fascinate, I can annoy – I am concerned. Sometimes you look at yourself from the side – I myself want to find fault."

"I am a very patient woman – I’m just waiting in the wings as a kind of recovery. It should be suffered. It is necessary to come to this, otherwise it will not be a happiness. And happiness does not happen without suffering and struggle – it passes differently. Through fingers like other people’s money…"


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