Ravshana Kurkova: Association of the New Year

Ravshana Kurkova: Association of the New Year

To relax from the Moscow bustle, Ravshan Kurkova went to Vienna – take a walk along the streets illuminated by Christmas lights, and choose gifts to loved ones.

The company actress made up Hello magazine!, who talked with her about why now in her filmography there is more mainstream, that experimental projects, how her growing up and what needs to be done so that New Year’s desires come true.

About the choice of roles:

Yes, I like different projects. For example, today, having watched several episodes of the film "Mom", I was very happy that I took part in the filming of this good, in a good sense of the word "People’s" movie. But, of course, I am always very happy to work in copyright films, this is an invaluable experience. My first role was just in such "Festival" film – "The secret of fern". I was 12 years old then. Since this all started.

About their own shyness:

I am still a rather uncertain person. For example, any performance before the public for me a huge stress. I am not afraid to go on stage in the theater or work in front of the camera. But when in real life you need to say something important on your own behalf – I am terribly embarrassed. This is already like schizophrenia – at work I am one person, in life – completely different. (Laughs.)

About relationships with men:

I’m very old -fashioned in this regard. I believe that a woman in love should not act, but inspire a man on actions. Therefore, I would hardly be able, say, the first to ask for a phone number and even more so to invite a date. Although, probably, you don’t need to promise. (Smiles.)

About changes in life (more precisely, their absence):

No, I don’t believe that we are changing over the years. It seems to me that we are always, all our lives, we make the same mistakes and do not extract lessons. Maybe I’ll say a seditious thing now, but it does not seem to me at all that we are getting better over the years. On the contrary, we often lose all the good things that are laid down in us in childhood. It is better to think not about how to become more experienced and wiser, but about how to remain as open and bright as you were, for example, at four years old. How a small child behaves? If he falls and hurts, he cries first, and then smiles again and goes forward. You can’t close, close, fear life – that’s the most important thing.

About New Year’s traditions:

Before every New Year, I record all my dreams on a piece of paper – a list of what I want to realize next year. Then I hide the leaf, I take it out only a year later and look what came true and what is not.

As a rule, almost everything that I make is coming true. For example, last year I wrote that I want to learn how to drive. In the end, now I’m driving. Of course, I am not an outstanding driver, but in the film "To smithereens" I drive myself by car myself, without an understudy. (Laughs.)

About what will make in this New Year:

I dream of interesting roles – and not only in the cinema, but also in the theater. And for this dream to come true, I will make every effort.

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