Prince Charles in the “Perfect House”

Prince Charles in & quot; ideal house & quot;

Prince Charles visited the opening of the Ideal Home Show in West London, where he personally examined the interiors "eco-house".

During the construction of a dwelling, the design of which was engaged in representatives of the organization Prince’s Foundation for Building Community, the former materials used to use, which helped not to damage the environment. The head of the organization Hank Dittman explained:

This House of Arts and Crafts of the Prince (Prince’s Arts and Crafts) is a revolutionary economical eco -house, during the construction of which attention was focused on high -quality materials and skill.

It can be seen that Prince Charles came from home in genuine delight! He examined his interiors with attention, sat on a mobile chair and studied with interest the portrait of his wife Camilla.

The idea of ​​the ideal home (The Ideal Home Show) attracts more than 270 thousand visitors annually. It will be open until the first of April.

Prince Charles, Milena Class, Lowrens Llvelin-Boldin, Susie Perry, Greg Weles

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