Alec Baldwin: “I hate the press”


Alec Baldwin: “I hate the press”

Alec Balduin was tired of being in the spotlight – he told about this in the article that he wrote for New York magazine. By irony, it was to this publication that he said that he was leaving New York, because he wanted "minimize communication with the public". The actor also writes about his conflicts with media representatives and why Shayu Labef was fired because of him.

Baldwin writes:

I have been living such a life for 30 years, and let me understand that it is ridiculous to make statements about this in the press, but I want to say that this is the last time I tell the American media about my personal life.

The actor admits that the past year was not the best for him:

Actually, he was excellent, because my wife gave birth to a child to me. But otherwise everything was terrible.

The 55-year-old Alec once again had a conflict with the representative of the press: the actor fell insulting the journalist Anderson Cooper. Due to the non-traditional orientation of the Baldwin media worker, he was also accused of homophobia. This is what the actor says about this:

This journalist wrote in the Daily Mail that my wife sent messages to Twitter while at James Gandolfini’s funeral. It was a lie, she just later reposted someone else’s tweet, whose time coincided with time of the funeral.

I do not regret that I called him "poisonous bitch", He lied about my wife. If you say that this is a star disease, I do not agree with you: journalists should not lie. If he was in New York, I might feel the need to fill his face…Now I hate the press as much as possible.Alec and some of his colleagues are not enthusiastic. So, he did not have a relationship with Shaya Labeh, who has recently been distinguished by his extravagant acts. Baldwin admitted that it was he who became the reason that Labef lost his role in the Broadway performance "Orphan", where they played together:

There was immediately tension between us. When he came to a rehearsal, they explained to him that he needed to learn the role well. And once he attacked me with accusations in all of all. He said: "You do not know your remarks, so you knock me down. If you do not say your remarks, I will just continue to pronounce my". Then I talked with the leadership and explained that one of us should leave… And he was fired.

Baldwin added that Labef’s scandalous behavior associates the fact that the actor is removed in blockbusters, and therefore just fell ill with star disease.

Alec Baldwin: “I hate the press”
Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin: “I hate the press”
Alec Baldwin with his wife Hilary and daughter Carmen

Alec Baldwin: “I hate the press”

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