Pirates favorites: TOP 10 most downloaded films of the year

Pirates favorites: TOP 10 most downloaded films of the year

Torrentfreak portal released a film rating that used the largest "demand" For visitors to file hosting. Palma of the championship – at "Avatar" James Cameron.

Although the fight against piracy is in full swing on all fronts, there is no need to be proud of the results yet. So, "Avatar", According to Torrentfreak, this year was illegally downloaded from torrents about 16 million 580 thousand times. Last year leader, "Star Trek" Jay Jay Abrams, I remember, "finished" With a more modest result of 11 million downloads.

So now "Avatar" – Not only the record holder of box office (at the world box office the picture raised unimaginable two billion 800 million dollars, becoming the most box office in the world), but also "Pirate" The record holder. It is curious that the director James Cameron has repeatedly said that 3D is an excellent weapon against film phlibusters. But, judging by the numbers, weapons may be excellent, but not very effective.

If the first place "Avatar" There was no surprise for anyone, then located on the second line "Pipets" I surprised many. This adaptation of the comic book did not show itself very well at the box office, but came to the taste of cinema lovers. "Sarafan radio" did its job, and in the end – the film has 11 million 400 thousand downloads.

In third place – Christopher Nolan hit "Start" (nine million 720 thousand times). The tape only recently reached DVD, so this indicator is impressive.

The most unexpected appeared on the list "Oscar -winning" Katherine Bigelou ribbons "The lady of the storm". The picture has already been purchased for a year on legal media, but almost seven million moviegoers chose to get to know her illegally, but for free. It is curious that the producers of the film are now suing thousands of pirates in the hope of receiving the money due to them (which is not surprising, because rental "Lord…" brought the creators less than 50 million dollars).

This is what a complete list from torrentfreak looks like. Admit what films you downloaded from the list?

one. "Avatar" 16 million 580 thousand downloads

2. "Pipets" – 11 million 400 thousand downloads

3. "Start" – nine million 720 thousand downloads

four. "Shutter Island" – nine million 490 thousand downloads

5. "iron Man 2" – eight million 810 thousand downloads

6. "Clash of the Titans" – eight million 40 thousand downloads

7. "Do not take alive" – Seven million 730 thousand downloads

eight. "Sherlock Holmes" – Seven million 160 thousand downloads

9. "The lady of the storm" – Six million 850 thousand downloads

ten. "Salt" – Six million 700 thousand downloads

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