Paris Hilton got into a fight

Paris Hilton got into a fight

Paris Hilton will not give offense to himself and friends!

The secular lioness Paris Hilton was in the center of the next scandal: the girl fought with the paparazzi who tried to photograph her with friends in a nightclub. According to some rumors, drugs are involved in this dark history. The first photo on the network was discovered by a blogger Sivalerie.

Judging by the pictures, Paris Hilton "Prepared badly" To the brawl: one of the men pushed the girl during the skirmish, she fell to the ground, and her short guipure dress treacherously rose too high, showing "Everything that is hidden".

Hilton, meanwhile, returned the dress with one hand in place, and held the other tenaciously "offender", which was two times more fragile blonde. No one knows exactly why Paris is so "Tedized" on this photographer, but some sources claim that paparazzi "Cashed" Star for drug administration. These rumors have not yet been confirmed, however (unlike the case with Alec Baldwin), the photographer did not go to court.

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