Paris Hilton brought a million dairy cocktails to Shanghai

Paris Hilton brought to Shanghai & quot; a million dairy cocktails & quot;

Recently we saw Paris Hilton in Cannes. From the azure coast, the owner of a glorious surname went to Shanghai – to the opening "dairy bar" (Rather, Milk cocktail bar) Millions of Milkshakes.

Of course, it was not without local celebrities – on "sweet" The event was granted by actors Juang Qushaoming and Anlabebi. A 17-year-old Disney star Zendaya Coleman was also noticed, which has long been cooperating with a company specializing in dairy treats.

Paris even has "Namely" cocktail in Millions of Milkshakes – it is called that "Princess Paris cocktail". Interesting, someone from the Shanghai public has already tried it?

Paris Hilton in Shanghai

Juang Qushaoming and Anlabebi

Zendaa Coleman, Paris Hilton, Juang Qushaoming, Anlabebi

Grand opening "dairy bar"

Of course, Paris did not do without a photo on the backdrop of Shanghai beauties on Instagram

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