Olga Kurilenko will shoot in the movie “Saint Laurent”

Olga Kurilenko will shoot in the movie & quot; Saint-Loran & quot;

Soon, the shooting of the Bayopic begins "Saint Loran", in which the role of the famous couturier went to the Frenchman Gaspar Ulel. There was information that Olga Kurilenko can be involved in the Mandarin Cinema and Europacorp film studios: according to the press, the actress is negotiating about the role in the film. What kind of role the star of Ukrainian origin can go is still unknown.

Recently, several sensational projects with the participation of 33-year-old Kurilenko have been published: Fantastic thriller "Oblivion" with Tom Cruise, Terrence Malik’s drama "To the miracle", Criminal comedy "Seven psychopaths", Where a whole company of stars starred with her, from Colin Farrell to Christopher Waken. Next year Olga will appear on the screen in the American series "An Academy of vampires" With Danila Kozlovsky.

Concerning "Saint Loran", then it will be about the period of life of the fashion designer from 1965 to 1976 (the year when it came out "Russian" The collection of a designer, considered one of the best in his entire career).

The filming of the film, whose budget is 15 million euros, will be conducted for ten weeks in Paris and Marrakesh. In addition to Ulel, another French star is employed in the project of director Bertran Bonello – Lea Seyd.

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