Olga Kurilenko: Career – yes, marriage – no!

Olga Kurilenko: Career - Yes, marriage - no!

Olga Kurilenko has serious family experience. She was married twice – she lived with photographer Sedric Van Mole for three years, and with her second husband businessman Damine Gabriellem. In general, weddings and divorces Olga were bored – she is not going to marry anymore.

The actress herself told reporters about this. According to her, she does not want at all "sacrifice" With your career for love:

I think I will be one of my life. It is possible that at the end of my days I will also be alone. So it will be due to the fact that I do not want to make any sacrifices to the detriment of self-development and the achievement of what I have outlined, and I do not want the family to interfere with this. I feel that I am not ready for this, and I don’t know if I will ever be ready.

According to Kurilenko, there are people who recommend her "Calm down and settle down" – Like, age has come, it’s time (recall that Kurilenko is 30). But the actress herself is sure that she was already married, and that’s enough: that’s enough:

Since I turned 20, I have always been in a relationship. But now – no, and I want to leave everything like that.

Olga noted that she was very happy and there is no need to get a life partner. And where does Kurilenko get the time for men? Only in 2010 there are three films with her participation, including the picture "Cross" (Vincent Kassel and Orlando Bloom are also removed in it), and in the development of Kurilenko a couple more projects.

In addition to cinema, Olga is interested in charity (with Eli Saab on
charitable evening against AIDS)

and fashion (at the Elie Saab show), but not men

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