No violence: Angelina Jolie in London

No violence: Angelina Jolie in London

Angelina Jolie continues her philanthropic activity: the other day she visited London, where she made an initiative directed against sexual violence abroad (and again our bloggers are ahead of the planet: this time distinguished Dina008, which first posted the photos of the actress).

Angie is sure that the coordinated work of the international police, doctors, lawyers, psychologists, as well as experts in protecting victims and witnesses will help to overcome this problem. British Foreign Minister, William Heig, is completely in solidarity with her.

In addition to official speeches and photo colle, guests of the event were waiting for a special show of directorial debut Jolie, paintings "In the edge of the blood and honey", telling about love against the background of the Bosnian war.

The representative of the Cabinet of Ministers noted that it was during the war period that the episodes of sexual violence reach catastrophic proportions, and the film of the heroine of the day is another confirmation of this. Having supported the idea of ​​peace around the world, the invited went to the hall, where the premiere passed behind closed doors.

Foreign Minister of England, William Heig, and Angelina Jolie

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