“Night in the museum” with Alena Doletskaya and Valeria Gai Germany

& quot; night in the museum & quot; With Alena Doletskaya and Valeria Guy Germany

Alena Doletskaya and Irina Meglinskaya

On the night of Saturday to Sunday in Moscow (as in many other cities of the world), with the support of the MIC Group of Companies, a large -scale "Night in the museum", Within the framework of which hundreds of galleries and exhibition spaces opened their doors for visitors: excursions, lectures, master classes and film screenings – the program was saturated, and the entrance was free for free.

Within the framework of the event, a special, VIP market for stars, who decided with thousands of other people, was developed, to spend this evening, getting acquainted with the art. Ten buses, six museums, and "Closed" Meetings with leading workers of art scenes – the organizers tried to make this night be remembered by guests, among whom were Oksana Fander, Vlad Lisovets and others, for a long time.

Apparently, the performance participants in the Art4 Museum apparently pursued the same goal.Ru, Valeria Guy Germanika and artist groin, whose "performance" instantly cheered the audience. Dressed in all black (including in the cylinder) and with a dog Monya’s uninvited, Germanicus in the eyes of amazed spectators with huge scissors cut holes on the outfit of Pahom, as a result of which the audience was able to first admire the buttocks of the artist, and then his male dignity. In this form, the performanist, not at all embarrassed, continued to shout the speeches dedicated to the fate of Russia.

Many, unable to withstand the meeting with the beautiful, immediately went to the bar, and the groin himself, meanwhile, finished the action and, having won the applause, retired.

Performance Pakhoma and Valeria Guy Germanika: So far, everything is still covered

Of course, the rest of the museums, where the guests went with the presenter of the evening Fedor Pavlov-Andreevich, was already difficult to surprise those present, but the program did not become less interesting from this. The participants in the event managed to attend "Vinzavod", where its director Elena Panteleva conducted the audience on several galleries; Gallery "On a hodgepodge", Where about the exhibition dedicated to Tarkovsky, the director of the director Marina told; "Multimedia art museum", in which the excursion was personally satisfied with its director Olga Sviblova; and other art sites of Moscow.

The final stop of the star "Nights…" became the museum of Soviet slot machines, where the most persistent guests were waiting for entertainment from childhood: naval battle, fighters, safari, table football, basketball, towns and mini-cigers, as well as sip. Those who wanted were also able to get a fingerprint as a keepsake "Very happy face" – from a real French photo booth, which hastened to use.

The VIP market has ended at about three in the morning: tired, but satisfied and full impressions, the guests went home to meet the dawn. Their example was followed and "Celebryityread", Holding his hand on the pulse of events all night.

Oksana Funder

Valeria Guy Germanika with a dog Monya

Alena Doletskaya

Vlad Lisovets

Ksenia Alferova

Ekaterina Andreeva

Masha Tsigal

Anna Sal

Sergey Kapkov

Pierre Broch with son and Vlad Mamyshev Monroe

Olga Sviblova

Tatyana Lazareva and Mikhail Shatz

Fekla fat

Anton Lange

Vladimir Vishnevsky

Alena Doletskaya and Irina Meglinskaya

Sergey Kapkov and Olga Sviblova

Director "Vinzavod" Elena Panteleeva

Sergey Kapkov, Fedor Pavlov-Andreevich and Vlad Mamyshev-Monro

Serge Golovach

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