Penelope Cruz: The first minutes after Oscar


Penelope Cruz: The first minutes after Oscar

Penelope Cruz after the Opra Winfrey show

The next morning after "Oscars" The Spanish actress visited the Winfrey program, where she told everything that she felt on a victorious night.

Laureate "Oscars" For the role of the second plan in the ironic drama "Vicki. Kristina. Barcelona" Penelope Cruz on the Oprah Winfrey show admitted that when Angelica Houston, Goldi Hawn, Wupi Goldberg, Eva Marie Saint and Tilda Swinton went to the stage to declare her nomination, the heart went on heels.

It was incredible to see these five amazing actresses. It was a very special and long moment that made my heart beat increasingly. When the envelope was opened, and Tilda looked at me, I actually thought that I would faint. I was spinning in my head: I will go up there if she says my name? You want to win and experience incredible fear at the same time. In fact, I was very afraid to fall, the last weeks, I had to constantly fly from Europe to America, attending a large number of pre -scammers, at the same time work on a new film was going on.

Penelope laughs:

I don’t complain, it was an amazing adventure, but I honestly thought that I would faint that night. This was supposed to happen before, but it seemed to me what would happen then. Whatever the scenario!

Oprah asked why on "Oscars" The bridegroom of Penelope Javier Bartem, last year’s laureate of the award was not present.

My family and friends were with me. Of course, Javier congratulated me, but we will not discuss this.

Penelope Cruz: The first minutes after Oscar
Penelope Cruz and actress who announced her nomination

Meanwhile, the congratulations of Penelope from his native Spain poured from a cornucopia. The first telegrams were sent by the royal family and the Cabinet of Ministers, led by Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Dansh. And Pedro Almodovar did not hesitate to say that he was crying with happiness, learning about the victory of his beloved actress.

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