New formula “VIA GR”: Meladze added a little dimopoulos

The new formula & quot; Via Gra & quot;: Meladze added a little dimopoulos

A characteristic feature of women’s groups is by no means "gossips", And frequent decrees. Here is a seductive pop group "VIA Gra" Another change of composition awaits due to their pregnancy "Brunettes" Nadia Meikher. The material for discussion was kindly provided to us by the blogger Misska.

The expectant mother (the singer already has a nine -year -old son Igor) has already confirmed information about her voluntary "resignation" In an interview with the domestic publication and promised to publish her personal and professional plans later.

Well, while we are trembling, waiting for details from Meikher, a few words about "new acquisition" Konstantin Meladze: Champion in bodybuilding and fitness Santa Dimopoulos, 24 years old, producer "I looked closely" Back in 2009, during the participation of a girl in Ukrainian "Factory of stars" – The girl already dreamed of cooperation and was an ardent fan of a pop collection.

The team itself, by the way, very friendly accepted "new dark" In their ranks – Eva Bushmina and Albina Dzhanabaeva are already taught Santa dance PA for the first concert of the updated group of the group, which will be held on December second in Odessa. But the words to the new soloist "Via Gra", It seems that it is not necessary to teach – Dimopoulos admitted that she knew absolutely all the songs of the group by heart.

Such a memory – and in such a body! It seems that Meladze did not lose.

Santa Dimopoulos

Still relevant (until tomorrow in the morning) composition "Via Gra":
Nadezhda Meikher, Eva Bushmina, Albina Dzhanabaeva

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