Natalie Portman teaches her son to take the first steps

Natalie Portman teaches her son to take the first steps

On one of the hot Los Angeles days, the paparazzi spotted the young mother Natalie Portman in the park with her son Alef. The star of the film "Black Swan" I went for a walk with my peanut in the company of my beloved pet, but her husband Benjamin Milpier, unfortunately, did not appear on the playground.

Natalie was very happy to spend time alone with her baby. A happy smile did not leave the actress’s face – after all, her 11 -month -old firstnights took the first timid steps and learned to ride a hill (of course, with his mother’s support!).

Kid Alef Portman -Milpier was born on June 14, 2011, and his parents – Natalie Portman and French choreographer Benjamin Milpier, got married only in February this year. The actress soon will not be able to often spend time with her son – after all, she will have to become a producer and main role in the drama drama "Jane took up the gun" (Jane Got a Gun) director Lynn Ramsey.

So far, little is known about the picture, but in the center of the story, the story of a girl named Jane, who is forced to save her husband-criminal from a gang of thugs.

If on the screen Natalie will have to take up weapons and lead a bloody massacre, then in life she got a completely different role – a happy mother!

Natalie Portman with his son Alef and a faithful dog

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