Albert II and Charlene: “Rumors are unbearable!”


Albert II and Charlene: “Rumors are unbearable!”

Prince Monaco Albert II and his young wife Charlene, returning yesterday from the honeymoon (despite the reports that they went from South Africa home, the monarchs actually flew to Mozambique), hastened to meet with media representatives and make an official statement. They, by their own admission, are simply tired of ridiculous and dirty rumors.

The present tsunami gossip swept the princely house of Monaco at the end of June. They wrote and said that before the wedding, the bride of Albert II Charlene Wittstok tried several times to run, as if learning that already during her relationship with her the prince conceived the third illegitimate child. The way the princess behaved at the wedding and during the trip to South Africa, which followed the ceremony, only approved the journalists in the idea that it was an unhappy or even contractual marriage, the only purpose of which is the work of the heir to the world.

The prince and his wife decided to put the end to the rumors (if his father did not succeed in doing this…) and last night met with representatives of three publications. Albert took the word:

We want to express our indignation in connection with these rumors. It’s unbearable.

According to Nice-Matin, one of the invited publications, the prince looked like rumors really hurt him. He continued to express complaints, and Charlene sat nearby and held his hand:

It is unfortunate that the media grabbed for these rumors without checking the information. I believe that your colleagues act unworthy. I always respected freedom of expression of opinions. But the spread of false information is regrettable and is subject to criminal liability.

Sometimes these rumors caused us a smile, for example, how the media explained that the princess and I did not sleep in South Africa in the same hotel. For practical reasons, of course.

Albert commented on and their vacation in Mozambique:

It was wonderful. No one bothered us. The atmosphere was fabulous.The prince explained and what could cause a flurry of rumors:

There are people in Monaco who seek to harm us.He refused to answer clarifying questions.

The conversation was mainly in French, and Charlene only teaches him, so when she asked her if she wanted to add anything, she answered in English:

Not. I think that says it all.

Yellow press, there can be no doubt, there will be a different opinion.

Albert II and Charlene: “Rumors are unbearable!”

Albert II and Charlene: “Rumors are unbearable!”

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