Mom Lohan leads the youngest daughter <Br>to glory

The Lohan family takes more and more space in the information space: the shooting of the reality show Living Lohan has already begun. In it, the mother of the Dina Lohan family, claiming the title "White Oprah Winfrey", will show on his own example how to make a celebrity out of a child. Experiments will be held at the 14-year-old Eli. The girl in everything wants to go to Lindsay’s older sister, longs for fame, attention and acting career.

Television experts highly evaluate the chances of a starting project:

Lohan family is one of the most famous and mysterious. Dina Lohan is incredibly hardworking, she knows how to achieve the goal. We think that many viewers will be interested in seeing how she leads her daughter to the top of glory.

Two sons of Dina, 11-year-old Cody and 20-year-old Michael, will also take part in the reality show. They must prescribe, they will be in the mass of fame at the foot of glory.


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