Mila Kunis for Interview magazine: “I want to live, not work!”

Mila Kunis for Interview magazine: & quot; I want to live, not work! & Quot;

Over the past few years, Mila Kunis has turned from a young star of a comedy series about teenagers "Show of the 70s" into the rising star of Hollywood cinema. It is not surprising that the actress more and more attracts the attention of the press – here is the Interview magazine decided to make Kunis the heroine of the August issue.

Mila took part in a photo shoot, the author of the pictures of which was the famous fashion photographer Craig McDin (the blogger Mickey_mouse shared with us personnel). The actress was interviewed by her partner on the film set "Oz: Great and terrible" James Franco.

About the difference between actors and actresses

I think that in the acting profession there will always be double standards for men and women – actresses are more likely to defend their image than actors. For example, a man-actor rents a hotel room, arranges a mess, throws chairs, breaks the window-and everyone considers him a rock star. And if the actress does the same, she is immediately sent to a rehabilitation center, and she is already considered a problem actress and cannot get a job.

About self -development

I said this before, but so the shooting was just over "Show of the 70s", I decided to participate only in those projects that inspire me, and work only with those people who positively affect me. I wanted to communicate only with those who, it seems to me, is better than me. And it doesn’t matter if the actors, directors or producers – I could learn from them. Otherwise, I would just "She stood still".

About the prospects

I hope to start a family in five years. As for the profession – you never know how everything will change, I would probably like to engage in producing. One thing I know for sure, I will not become a writer – I do not know how to beautifully express my thoughts or even really write letters. And in general, of course, I would like to discover new horizons in the industry, but "kill" for myself for a career – I will not. I don’t want to work until my life, I want to live. Therefore, I work to live, and not live to work!

How Mila lives – we know, but how it works – we can see it again very soon: in August, comedy goes to Russian rental "Third wheel" with the participation of the actress.

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