Meet: Kylie Ann Bizotti, new angel Victoria`s Secret

Meet: Kylie Ann Bizotti, new angel Victoria`s Secret

Kylie Ann Bizotti has come a difficult way to be on the catwalk with Alessandra Abrosio, Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

In 2009, then another 19-year-old girl who had just married took part in the Victoria’s Secret Model Search competition and won it, becoming the best among 10 thousand models.

Now, at 21, it is gradually becoming more and more popular and has every chance to replace any star from now famous "Angels" Victoria` S Secret.

Another confirmation that in the near future about Kylie we will hear a lot and often – a photo shoot in the March issue of FHM, where the girl demonstrates her natural virtues, which helped her achieve popularity. About what is especially pleasant in popularity, the girl told reporters:

A huge amount of linen is sent to me – and completely free.

And recently I was at the resort in St. Bart and lived in a huge room, and it was a five-star hotel. Go crazy how much they [Victoria’s Secret – approx. "Celebryityread"] spend on their girls.

We wish the girl success – in the end, there are few angels does not happen.

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