Maksim about the daughter and exit from the crisis

Maksim about the daughter and exit from the crisis

The family crisis MakSim provoked creative – for almost a year she did not write new songs. MakSim told about how to solve both of these problems about the ghosts of the past and love for her daughter in an exclusive interview Hello!

Seven years ago, MakSim burst into a radio with a song "A difficult age" and instantly occupied the first lines of the hit parades. Her next song "Tenderness" Nine weeks kept leadership in the chart "Russian radio". In 2008, she was recognized as the most rotable Russian singer. Perhaps it was the happiest year in the life of MakSim: she married the Indonesian island of Bali for her sound engineer Alexei Lugovtsev, found out that she was pregnant and played a solo concert in "Olympic".

Young spouses did not immediately notice that disagreements appeared in their relationship. With all the obviously, the problem was exposed only a few months after the birth of the daughter. And, of course, they could not but affect creativity, because Maksim himself writes songs. For the whole of 2010, she released only two single and postponed the release of the fourth album. It became clear that it could not continue for a long time. Last spring, MakSim officially divorced and stayed with one -year -old Sasha in her arms, but the singer does not feel the unfortunate, on the contrary, admits that she returned to a full life again.

Hello! met with MakSim during the break between rehearsals in her cozy house near Moscow. She spent her legal weekend with her daughter Sasha. They recently returned from the winter holidays in the Arab Emirates.

About why she was left alone with a child in her arms

I am categorically against words "Left alone". I have a lot of close people. It was they who helped me survive the situation that became for me truly shock. This is probably the most serious step in my life, because my parents who studied in the same class have always been in love with each other, and then got married. They are still an inseparable whole. And I thought I would have the same. But… Fate ordered otherwise. And I do not take off the part of guilt for what happened, no. I had to understand when a woman takes responsibility for absolutely everything, including a man, a man becomes very difficult. But I understood at the wrong time. This, let’s say, the first stage that we missed. Lesha began to be terribly jealous, roll scandals after every tour, arrange checks. He tried to limit the circle of my communication to a minimum. And by the time of parting, I found with horror that I had eight people left in the phone book. The difference in views on the concept "a family" became too obvious, and we decided to live separately. This does not prevent us from continuing to respect and appreciate each other. Alexey will forever remain a very important person in my life, the father of our daughter.

About how to raise a child alone

In fact, after breaking up with Lesha, it became much easier for me. There was a feeling that instead of two children I had left alone, and I had already let the other into the big world, and he was fine there. At the birth of Sasha, it was so hard for me that the first months I was just a crazy mother: I could not let go of my child for a minute. And now I continue to be like that, but already in a milder form. I’m leaving on tour no more than for a couple of days, after which I rush home, to Sasha. I want to take part in her life as much as possible, to educate, so as not to miss anything, to instill in her those values ​​that seem to me the main. The only thing I still worry about that my daughter does not have enough dad, male attention. […] My male musicians are saved, which are often at my house. Sasha asks me for rehearsals. It turns out that someone is constantly busy with her.

About the character of the daughter

[…] She had not yet been able to talk, but it was already clear that she had her own character. She is now two years old, I went at this age in bruises, because I rushed somewhere all the time, I was a completely uncontrollable child. And Sasha, climbing the hill in the water park, tells me: "Mom, don’t go there, I won’t go with you". For her, scratches are very rare. She is always very attentive, warning, neat. Such a real Mademoiselle. […]

About a relationship with her daughter

I want to be a girlfriend. Not even a girlfriend, because friends are different, and a friend. My mother and I were different. She always told me: "So, I’m not your girlfriend. I am mom to you!" And I want Sasha and I could sit down and just chat, discuss something so that we do not have secrets from each other. Moreover, it cannot be said that I have many friends. Here one will grow – real.

About the appearance of a new man in his life

No, now I am so comfortable, free and simple that I would not change something. At one time, I myself wanted to complicate my life. Complicated, did not like it, returned to the starting position.

About the fear of failure

Not yet, then that there were much more fears before. I have been told for many years that my songs are not a format, that I would never be popular, but just continued to sing. Now this oncoming current has weakened, and it really became easier for me. Although there is still a moment that a lot in my life does not happen thanks to, but contrary to. And it often happens that I myself am to blame for this. For example, they ask why I’m not on TV? Well, I can’t overcome myself and go to some kind of current show or game. […]

About future

I said that I do not know how to make plans. I almost never make ahead for years. This is apparently a very primitive person. I have plans only today: after 10 minutes to rehearse, then work with the dancers, prepare a performance for a new concert program, and at eight o’clock in the evening to return home to play with Sasha and put it to sleep. But I don’t know there, fog – not fog. As it will be, it will be. But I’m not scared – that’s for sure!

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