Madness from the Muse group: a new clip with Erin Wusson

Madness from the Muse group: a new clip with Erin Wusson

Matthew Bellamy in the Madness video

The other day, the authors of the anthem of the 2012 Olympics-2012 British musicians from the Muse group posted on the network the long-awaited video for the Madness song from the 13th studio album The 2nd Law.

The group members led by Matthew Bellah, who recently accompanied Kate Hudson at the opening of the Venice Film Festival, went down to the Los Angeles metro.

Together with the main characters of the clip, the roles of which were performed by models Erin Wusson and Max Silberman, they arranged small riots with police units, masked people and dogs led by director Anthony Mandler. At the same time, the topic of the relationship between Erin and Max passes through the red line through the whole song.

Most likely, the main source of inspiration for them was last year’s riots in London and even the clip of Kanye West and Jay -i No Chruch in the Wild.

Although the video appeared on the Web recently, it has already managed to get positive reviews of not only fans and presses, but also colleagues in the music workshop. So, the frontman of the ColdPlay group Chris Martin called the song Madness the best song of the group:

Being to those who opened their concert 13 years ago, I am proud to say that, I think this is the best song Muse.

You can listen to the song Madness and other tracks from The 2nd Law album very soon – the first of October, – but for now there is time to listen to the previous 12 albums.

Frame from the Muse for the song Madness

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