Lindsay Lohan: “A celebrity is seen in me, not the actress”

Lindsay Lohan: & quot; they see a celebrity in me, not the actress & quot;

Lindsay Lohan will leave to live in London: the star was offered a role in one of the local theaters, in which she sees the possibility of her return to the acting career.

In an interview with the BBC channel, on the eve of its debut on the London stage, the 28-year-old Lohan complained that journalists and public are interested in her personal life, and not with professional achievements:

People have certain prejudices about my account. For a long time only a celebrity has been seen in me, which I never wanted. This is not what I started working in this industry. I have been in show business from three years old, starring from six. Everyone completely forgot about it.I want to communicate with wonderful people with whom I work on stage in London. And I want the audience to concentrate on the fact that I work in this industry, because I am an actress, and not to be photographed by paparazzi.According to Lindsay, journalists constantly come up with various stories about her:

I don’t understand all this hype around my name, she scares me. Even when I do nothing, they come up with some news about me. But now I have already become more calm about this, not like before.

As Lohan admits, due to increased attention to her person, she became very selective to her environment and supports communication only with a limited circle of close friends.

Why does the actress believe that in the UK her life will change?

The British have a different vision. In the USA, in all these television shows and on sites like TMZ, people only do that they are discussing the personal lives of those who work in show business. Here I don’t notice this. Mostly on TV I see news or music programs. It’s nice to turn on the TV and not stumble upon any gossip.

Well, who knows, maybe a scandalously known celebrity, indeed, it will be possible to start everything from scratch, changing their place of residence.

Lindsey Lohan
Lindsey Lohan

Lindsey Lohan

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