Life as a flash: Anton Yelchin and Amber Hurd on Interview pages

Life as a flash: Anton Yelchin and Amber Hurd on Interview pages

Amber Herd and Anton Yelchin

Using youth slang, a story about a new photo shoot for Interview Russia can be described as "Actors – such actors", After all, even on the pages of a glossy edition, they do not just pose, but create a whole story with a confusing plot.

The heroes of the September output of the magazine were a close friend of Johnny Depp Embert Herd and an actor with Russian roots Anton Yelchin.

Amber and Anton played spouses, saturated with relations surrounding reality and each other. They are trying "glue" a failed personal life and come to a country house on the coast. But even here, against the background of wonderful sea landscapes, they cannot stop sawing each other and find out who is to blame that love has gone.

Despite the gloomy mood, "Spouses" Even away from civilization, they look elegant: Amber is incredibly good in feminine retro-orders and narrow skirts-"pencils", and serious and courageous Anton brilliantly embodies the image "Great Gatsby".

Let, according to the classic, each family is unhappy in its own way, but not every couple looks as stylish and elegant as Amber and Anton.

And how do you like the new photo shoot?

Anton Yelchin and Amber Herd

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