Kevin Federline and his girlfriend Victoria showed their daughter

Kevin Federline and his girlfriend Victoria showed their daughter

Ex-wife of Britney Spears Dancer Kevin Federalline and his girlfriend Victoria Victoria Prince showed their newborn daughter Jordan Kai during a vacation in Santa Barbara (part of the pictures you could see by the blogger Amelie). Previously, he and the baby in public did not appear.

Happy parents walked with their daughter from their hotel to the beach, where they all admired the sunset together. Kevin and Victoria shone with radiant smiles and could not take his eyes off each other and from the baby Jordan Kai. The girl was in a charming pink outfit and with a bow, her parents preferred Casual’s style.

Earlier on the same day, Kevin and Victoria dined on the balcony of his hotel. While Victoria ate, a caring father looked after his daughter. Then they went to the city with the whole family, where they walked around children’s shops, choosing clothes for the girl. Federalline himself fell into childhood: he played in a children’s mini-piano.

28-year-old Victoria and 33-year-old Kevin together for two years. Their daughter Jordan Kai was born on August 15 this year.

In an interview with US Weekly, Federline told how they and Victoria chose a name for the unborn child:

[Victoria] said if we have a girl, she would like to call her George. And then we thought that there would be a boy, but we still thought that we would dwell on this name.

Federalline also spoke about marriage to Victoria:

I want to get married. But I’ll wait until I have the courage to make an offer.

Jordan Kai is the fifth child of Federlin. He has two sons from Britney Spears – five -year -old Sean Preston and four -year -old Jaden, as well as two children from his ex -girlfriend Shar Jackson – nine -year -old Kory and seven -year -old Caleb.

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