Kelly Osbourne scored 9 kilograms after a break with a groom-Vegan

Kelly Osbourne scored 9 kilograms after a break with a groom-Vegan

In January of this year, Kelly Osborne broke up with the groom-Vegan Matthew Mosshart and since then managed to gain 9 kilograms. Now the star decided to hardly limit herself in nutrition, and also signed up for yoga and Pilates.

29-year-old Osborne calls losing weight not "diet", a "purification".

Note that since October 2012, Kelly has recovered two sizes. According to sources, then it weighed only 50 kilograms.

Osborn herself admitted that she was able to achieve such a figure only thanks to ex-boyfriend Matthew:

Since our acquaintance, I threw off the last 8 kilos. He cooks for me. Matthew vegan, so he tries to make sure I eat right.

Now Osbourne dreams of coming into shape, sitting on juices, fresh vegetables and protein products. Plus, she signed up for yoga, Pilates and hired a personal trainer for classes five times a week.

In addition, the star plans to withdraw most of its tattoos:

I have a tattoo in the form of a piano on my hand, but I don’t even know how to play it. In general, confess to honestly, I delete tattoos, which I once made my parents.

Osbourne also continues to work on her own clothing line, which she came up with to satisfy customers of any size:

I love my new clothing line, which includes a dimensional line from 0 to 24 on the American system. If the outfit does not look good in all sizes, it disappears.

By the way, at the moment, Kelly attributes an affair with a skateboarder Braidon Zafranski.

Kelly Osbourne after parting with Matthew Mosshart







Osbourne and Mosshart
Kelly Osbourne and Matthew Mosshart in December 2013

Osborne 2012
Kelly Osbourne in a minimum weight of 50 kg at the end of 2012


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