John Travolta spoke in a court in the case of blackmail

John Travolta spoke in a court in the case of blackmail

We have already talked about the fact that John Travolta became the victim of extortionists. After the death of his son, on the second of January this year, criminals tried to demand from John more than $ 20 million. The subject of blackmail was John signed by the refusal of medical care to the boy. Ambulance worker Tarino Lightborn accused of attempts to blackmail and his lawyer denies everything.

At a meeting in the city of Nassau on Bagama, John said what happened on the day of the death of his eldest son Jett:

I was woke up by my son’s nanny. She knocked on the door and said that Jett is unconscious. My wife and I ran down to help my son. I saw him on the floor in the bathroom.

John later made artificial respiration. The employees said they called an ambulance. She arrived after about 40 minutes. Before that, the trawel used the defibrillator to bring the boy to consciousness.

The actor noticed that he recognized the ambulance from whether he could take them to the airport so that they flew to the United States. He intended to continue the treatment of the boy there.

Ultimately, the health worker asked Travolt to sign the refusal of medical care. John signed the document, but at the trial admitted that he did not have time to study it properly.

John wanted to deliver Jett to the Florida Hospital. However, as a result, the boy was still taken to the local clinic, where his death was ascertained.

At the trial, Travolta first admitted that his son had autism. In general, Jett Travolta died of Kavasaki’s disease.

This was not the last meeting in the case of blackmail – the trial is still ongoing.

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