Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper collect “Rays of Hope” in a new trailer

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper collect & quot; Rays of hope & quot; In the new trailer

Bradley Cooper can safely be called a Homeleon man: more recently, the actor flaunted with dreadlocks, and now appears on the screen with a short "Hedgehog" On the head, interrupted by the nose and a bunch of obsessive ideas and fears. You can watch a new image of the Cooper in the film trailer "Collection of rays of hope".

According to the plot of the picture, the hero of Bradley Cooper, a former school teacher, returns from a psychiatric hospital. He has nowhere to go, old friends refused him, and he has to return to his father’s house. Life seems completely hopeless and gloomy, but unexpectedly fate presents a gift to our hero: he meets the girl Tiffany (her role was played by Jennifer Lawrence). The girl, despite his resistance, gives him hope and love.

The hero’s parents follow the changes in the life of his son with interest. By the way, the dad of the protagonist was played by the inimitable Robert de Niro. In addition to the main characters, the film also "Squeezed" Julia Stiles and Chris Tucker.

The release of the film "Collection of rays of hope" scheduled for November 2012. We hope that during this time Bradley Cooper will give us many more new and interesting images.

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