Interview with Bobbi Brown art director Eduardo Ferreira


Interview with Bobbi Brown art director Eduardo Ferreira

Eduardo Ferreira, who is the art director of the Bobbi Brown, beloved by many of us, created "Celebryityread" Two incredible in beauty and ease of execution of the image – the first option is perfect for daytime days, and the second, more vivid, for a special occasion.

By the way, despite the high rank and a strong workload associated with this (nevertheless, a master of this level comes to us every day), Eduardo turned out to be a very pleasant and attentive interlocutor, for which we are insanely grateful to him. We photographed each step by step, and at the same time asked Eduardo about the features and subtleties of applying certain products and tips for choosing the right shades.

Eduardo, tell us where the correct makeup begins?

Of course, from the preparation of the skin and with the mortgage of the correct care product, as well as with the choice of a competent tonal basis. Here’s what you should do while in the store: firstly, choose the tonal base of a yellowish shade, it is it that is suitable for 99 percent of the globe population, and secondly, use the texture you need for your skin type, the most universal, in my opinion, is the texture Styk – it suits absolutely everyone.

Interview with Bobbi Brown art director Eduardo Ferreira

But what about the skin of a porcelain and snow -white shade, it is precisely the yellowish tone of the tonal agent that is also suitable for it?

Such a skin tone is very rare, it is found in less than one percent of all people on the planet, and in this rare and exceptional case, of course, it is recommended to use a tonal remedy with a pinkish. I travel a lot, and believe me, I am on different continents, and here is my conclusion – all ethnic races, whether Europeans, Africans, Asians, and so on, the yellow pigment will get in the skin. The pink color makes your skin unnatural, and yellow, on the contrary, neutralizes traces, which, usually manifested in irritation and redness.

Choose the right shade of the foundation from all the variety of products that are presented in a particular store, is not so simple…

Here is my advice: always be interested in the opinion of the store employees, then knock out the three remedies that are most suitable for your skin shade, apply them all on the line of the chin with a vertical line and gently with the help of your fingers, as it were, drive them into the skin. The option that will not be visible, and is your. For control, apply a little more funds on the forehead and chin – no boundaries should be visible in these areas either.

Interview with Bobbi Brown art director Eduardo Ferreira

We all know that applying products with fingers is very convenient, and that, after all, in your opinion it is better: brushes or hands?

Single -to -stain brushes, it is more hygienic, they allow you to work even in the most delicate areas. And already in order to fix, for example, a concealer or warm up the product, we can use the fingers as if patting movements, in no case smearing what is on the face.

You apply a corrective product to the eyes before applying the foundation?

Absolutely true, first it is necessary to adjust the zone under the eyes with a dense and viscous texture with a pinkish tint to a tone lighter than your natural skin color (it is pink color that is able to block the so -called so -called "blue"), then apply the corrector of the same shade as your foundation. And after that, in those areas where it is necessary, for example, redness and irregularities, we apply a foundation. And no corrector or concealer to the zone of the upper eyelid, otherwise the shadows are rolled up!

Interview with Bobbi Brown art director Eduardo Ferreira

What about the zone of the neck and neckline?

If the foundation is selected correctly, there is no need to apply it to these delicate zones, I only advise you to slightly refresh them with the help of bronzing powder, but not in any case of a brick or oral shade, they look terribly unnatural on the skin! Add a little more bronzing powder to cheekbones.

Then the powder is used, we believe.

The powder powder is discord. It is very important to understand the difference between matting tools and products to eliminate shine. I am categorically against the first, they make the skin look like "dead", So I prefer light textures. Healthy skin should not look lifeless, it should shine! Therefore, I advise you to use the air textures of the powder and exactly where it is necessary, as a rule, this is the T-zone and the area around the eyes.

Interview with Bobbi Brown art director Eduardo Ferreira

When we move to the makeup of the eye, what moments should be paid to??

First, submit the shape of the eyebrows, by the way, our model simply has acquired eyebrows, so I will only slightly emphasize their shade with the help of shadows (in this case, Eduardo uses the shadow for the eyelids) to the tone of their naval color and fix it with gel. That is, if, for example, you have become a blonde, leave the color of the eyebrows the same. As for their form, I would recommend maintaining a natural shape – so eyebrows, and the face in general, look more natural.

Are there, in your opinion, universal textures and shades for the eyelids?

Black, white and gray are impatient colors, they are suitable for absolutely everyone. For example, for the daytime image of our model, I slightly emphasized the shape of the eye on the upper eyelid shades of a gray-dental shade, and I allocated the area of ​​the fixed century with a lighter glare. In order to give the look of expressiveness, I applied cream eyeliner in black, but the line should not be too wide and long, otherwise the shape of the eye will be distorted.

Interview with Bobbi Brown art director Eduardo Ferreira

Interview with Bobbi Brown art director Eduardo Ferreira

Interview with Bobbi Brown art director Eduardo Ferreira
Transforming this image from daytime to evening is very simple – we only add a little creamy shiny shadows to the mobile eyelid and make the arrow more expressive, using a saturated black color. I use exactly the cream texture of the eyeliner, since it is perfectly applied and gives a bright color without the effect of glossy. My tushi advice is whatever the color of your eyes, use black mascara, and only if you are the owner of red hair or a very bright blonde, you can use a brown tint.

Interview with Bobbi Brown art director Eduardo Ferreira

What about blush and lip products?

On my cheeks and lips, I would recommend using pinkish shades, red, in general, all those that look natural. For example, brown or brick will not make you fresh and attractive, and for our model and its daytime, I added only slightly pencil and transparent shine over the entire surface of the lips. Blush I also chose a delicate light pink shade, he suits her so!

Now we transform this image into a brighter one: add a bright scarlet matte lipstick, the contour of the same color and cream blush – due to their consistency, they will allow the shade to preserve for a long time. And remember, we do not in any case do not adjust the shape of the face, eyes or lips, we only emphasize them!

Interview with Bobbi Brown art director Eduardo Ferreira

In general, which distinguishes daytime makeup from the evening?

Brightness and color saturation. For daytime time, natural colors are still preferred, and for the evening – more juicy. But here everything is individual, for example, if you are a bright personality, and you can be juicy shades to face, why hide it, you can be bright and day.

Interview with Bobbi Brown art director Eduardo Ferreira
The final result of the work of Eduardo Ferreira

What lighting conditions will allow you to apply makeup perfectly?

Ideally, I would advise any girl to have a separate room at home with a huge mirror and bright lamps around its perimeter, but seriously, in real life, try to use natural sunlight directed directly to your face. Avoid cold "office" lighting, since the bluish tint that is present in it can distort the shades that you apply.

What is especially valuable to you in your work?

Makeup is fun, I always enjoy what I do. I believe that girls do not need to be too serious and confused in this matter, they should treat makeup much easier and more often smile, this is always to their face!

Eduardo, you worked both with famous models, photographers and stars of Hollywood, and with ordinary people with whom it was more difficult?

When you create an image, for example, a public person, you do not work with a specific person, but with his "image". Of course this is insanely interesting, I just love all these shows and shootings, but you know what I will tell you: working with ordinary people is no less exciting. I see in every person first of all individuality, and try to emphasize it with makeup with the help of makeup.

That is, we do not always need to blindly follow trends?

Quite true, first of all, study yourself as a person, understand what your personality is and feel free to express it in your own style, clothes, hairstyle and makeup. Trends should always be adapted to a particular person, they should not in any case become something like the commandments. Experiment!

In Moscow, not so long ago, Sarah Jessica Parker was visiting, she was accompanied by a whole team of personal make -up artists, hairdressers and stylists, but whether you have an assistant?

No, I don’t have a personal assistant, but in all countries, wherever I am, I constantly communicate with my colleagues, I conduct training for makeup artists working in our team, communicate with customers, in general, I try to create a warm atmosphere around myself, and I am very happy that it goes quite successfully. Interview with Bobbi Brown art director Eduardo Ferreira

Interview with Bobbi Brown art director Eduardo Ferreira

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