Hizer Mills, Disneyland and Dead Dogs

Hizer Mills spent 100 thousand pounds to celebrate the fourth birthday of her daughter Beatrice with a Disney style party. All weekend hired actors in costumes of Snow White, Cinderella and other popular Disney heroes entertained the little daughter of Paul McCartney and her guests. Sir Paul himself, they say, came only for 20 minutes, and quickly faded, away from greedy to money and glory of the ex -wife. The source says:

Beatrice for the floor – The whole world, he simply could not help but come to the holiday. But it was impossible to be there for a long time with the Heather.

And life threatening, by the way. The fireworks, who arranged a Heather in honor of her daughter, scared the neighbor’s neighbor’s neighbor to death. The mistress of the unfortunate animal, neighbor Heather Sandra Rawbari, complains that the roar from a 20-minute salute was such that the nervous system of the dog could not stand it, and she decided to go to the forefathers. In addition, 15 of her horses from such a thing fled from the stable in horror:

I was just crazy about the death of GLOU. If you are going to arrange such a fireworks, you need to warn your neighbors so that they take away their animals or give them a sedative. Heather says he loves animals, but she does not care about them.

A healthy five -year -old Glow’s song died on October 28, just an hour after the start of the fireworks in honor of Beatrice. We hope he will reach the dog paradise without problems.


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