Hilary Suronk holds the word

Hilary Suronk, as promised, sacrificed her hair for charity. She did this on the air of the Oprah Winfrey with the direct help of the Oprais itself. The host with a firm hand cut off Hilary 23 centimeters of hair and said:

This needed the months of waiting, the two -time Oscar owner, the sharp object and I.

Ourselves, we dare to notice, even a bang for good purposes did not bow. Voluntary sacrifice of the act, Hilary Suronk, says:

I grew them for six months, drank vitamins, looked after as I could.

Now the healthy and well -groomed hair of Swank will go to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths center, they will make a wig and give a woman who has lost her hair in chemotherapy.


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