Grigory Antipenko affected with the “Dark Knight”

Here you are on "Steel" completely undeservedly attacked, and the film "The angels cried this evening", which will be shown in the cinemas of Russia in December, generally is a strange mix of Hollywood paintings and their own advertising campaigns. The posters, apparently, are not even related to the plot of the gloomy love melodrama with the participation of Grigory Antipenko and Natalia Ivanova-Fenkina about "a businessman and a fatal woman who has never letting love into her life".

Registration of promo "The angels cried this evening" Against the backdrop of the grandiose construction site of Moscow City, it turned out to be amazingly similar to frames from advertising of the last saga about Batman. This despite the fact that the story told in Russian cinema has nothing to do with Batmenana.

See trailer and other posters.

Battle of outfits: Natalya Ivanova-Fenkina against Joker

"Welcome to the world of chaos!" (With) "The Dark Knight"


(look at YouTube)"

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