Girl in the ball: Carey Malligan in a new photo shoot

Girl in the ball: Carey Malligan in a new photo shoot

Carey Malligan

To get on the cover of the autumn-winter issue of Another magazine, British actress Carey Malligan had to become a movie star "Drive", "Education of feelings" and "The Great Gatsby", and then climb a huge plastic ball in the forest. Together with the famous fashion photographer Craig McDin, she went, according to the phrase on the cover of the magazine, to look "New dimension".

Stylist Olivier Ritzo dressed a 27-year-old actress, throwing languid and detached glances, in Prada and Miu Miu trouser suits, and also combed his hair back. In general, such boyish bows in the style of Chloe Sevigny turned out, which is quite natural – after all, she is an advertising face Miu Miu.

In an interview with the screenwriter and writer Polly Stanham Carey admitted in nightmares due to her participation in the film Lurman’s Base "The Great Gatsby", And also talked about her career and incomparable Leonardo DiCaprio:

Gatsby is the largest project in which I have ever participated today. Therefore, it would be terrible if I had poorly played in it.Carey also with pleasure spoke about three months spent in Australia, where the picture took place. It turns out that the good mood of the entire film crew was created by none other than the main role of Jay Gatsby – actor Leonardo DiCaprio:

The most famous person on the set set the tone how everyone had to behave. If Leonardo DiCaprio is friendly with everyone and diligently works all day, then the fifteenth person on "rank" on the site should not behave like a moron.

Recall that Carey plays "The lady of the heart" Gatsby – Infantile Daisy Buchenen. The premiere of the picture, which initially had to get into these Christmas holidays, is now outlined for the summer of 2013. We will be patient!

Carey Malligan Another Magazine

Carrie Malligan

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Carey Malligan in a photo shoot for Another magazine

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