Film Festival in Toronto: Opening and the first premieres

Film Festival in Toronto: Opening and the first premieres

The 38th International Film Festival in Toronto (or TIFF) started yesterday and last until September 15. The festival differs from many other similar events in that the jury is absent, and the winners are determined by the results of the voting of the audience. It is interesting that according to the results of TIFF, as a rule, we can draw conclusions about future favorites "Oscars": So, in previous years, films won in Canada "silver Linings Playbook", "The king says!", "Millionaire from slums".

In the next ten days, the guests of the film festival will see more than 360 tapes from 70 countries of the world, and on the opening day two high -profile premieres were held at once – a fantastic tape "Only lovers will survive" And dramas "The fifth power".

"The fifth power" – The film directed by Bill Condon, responsible for the last two parts "Twilight" – based on the real story of the founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange, his role went to Benedict Cumberbatch. The director talks about Assange:

I believe that he is one of the main and most amazing people of our time. Julian is a very interesting thinker, he stood at the origins of the Cyberpank movement, which is based on the freedom of self -expression on the Internet.By the way, Julian himself did not approve of the project – the director of the film Bill Condon admitted this:

Everything is complicated here. He was against us from the very beginning.Assange refused to take part in the filming, but nevertheless discussed the picture and the role of himself with Cumberbatch. The Russian public will be able to evaluate the tape on October 11.

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