John Gallaino: “I felt like a god”


John Gallaino: “I felt like a god”

John Gallaino

John Galleino, whose first interview since time "anti -Semitic" The scandal in the Parisian cafe La Perle and the dismissal from Dior in 2011 was recently published in Vanity Fair, continues frank discussions of his act, which ensured him the status of a disgraced person in the world "rich and famous".

Today, Bloomberg TV will be released on his new interview – this time the designer became the guest of the American talk show Charlie Rose, excerpts from a conversation with whom on the eve of the broadcast were posted to the network. The theme of the conversation of the eminent fashion designer and the host of the program is not new – Galleino again discusses the insults expressed by him in a state of alcohol intoxication to the cafe sitting at the neighboring table.

The presenter asks the guest the main question: does the one that he said cannot be appreciated otherwise than a demonstration of anti -Semitic views, a manifestation of hatred and disgust?

I admit this and apologize for my act. Apologize and try to make amends – this is probably the maximum that in my power in this situation. I take full responsibility for my pernicious addictions and my behavior, to which they caused.

Galllyano explains his act:

Alcohol dependence took possession of me gradually – my breakdowns began to be repeated after every success and every failure. To somehow pacify the voices that were noisy in my head and did not let me sleep, I resorted to alcohol. I felt a god!In an interview with the designer, the presenter also touched on the theme of the sad death of Alexander Makkuin, who ended his life suicide in 2010. Charlie Rose asked Gallicano, as he understood the reasons for the fashion designer.

Reasons – loneliness, pain… We, as drug addicts, do not know the limit of our forces, we seek perfection, we set ourselves an unattainably high bar and do not understand why we do this. And we really strive to achieve it. But do not worry – because this is what makes us wake up in the morning!The full version of the video interview will be broadcast today on the Bloomberg TV channel.

John Gallaino: “I felt like a god”

John Gallaino: “I felt like a god”

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