Elena Perminova: Couture – to the masses

Elena Perminova: Couture - to the masses

Recently, couture toilets can be seen not only at the ceremony "Oscar" And in the costume museum, but also in secular raautes – the most daring from It Girls put them on parties, shows, presentations. One of these fashionistas is Elena Perminova. French l’Officiel, inspired by its unique style, suggested that the Russian model try to try the best of the Haute Couture collections and talked to her about her childhood, favorite designers and dreams.

Elena about herself and her childhood:

I was born in Siberia, or rather, in Novosibirsk. At the age of 14, I was noticed by the scout of a modeling agency. So it all started. But the main event of my life is marriage with my husband, Alexander Lebedev. We have been together for six years, we have been living in Moscow now, and we have a wonderful son, Nikita is growing up.

I grew up in an ordinary family. My parents are from the middle class. But the atmosphere of love has always reigned in our house. I had very simple dreams. I dreamed of a big family, a husband with whom we will have great love. I must admit that now my priorities have remained unchanged.

About your favorite designers:

I am closely friends with Jambattist Valley, it seems to me that he is incredibly talented. I also like what Phoebe Fili, Raf Simons, Stefano Pilati, Albert Elbaz and Khan McGibbon.

About your dreams:

I was lucky to realize myself – I have an amazing husband, I am familiar with Mikhail Gorbachev (I have something to be proud of). If we talk about dreams, I would like to meet with Nelson Mandelia and get ten children – so that five are mine, and another five – adopt.We wish Elena to realize the plan, and let’s discuss which of the toilets you liked the most?

Roller from the set:

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