Dzhiabikoni batist in the new Karl Lagerfeld advertising campaign

Dzhiabikoni batist in the new Karl Lagerfeld advertising campaign

Batist Giabikoni in the company with secular lioness Ebbi Lee Kershaw "face" Spring-year-old advertising campaign of the fashion brand Karl Lagerfeld. The author of the photoset, of course, became Kaiser Karl himself.

Lagerfeld remained faithful to his fashion principles: a minimum of color, clear forms, simple silhouettes. This summer, one of the most famous designers recommends wearing wide shorts with an overstated waist, a-blade skirt and cocktail mini-dresses. Classic in modern processing – this is how the spring -summer collection of Karl Lagerfeld can be described.

By the way, the fashion designer admitted that he dreams of making his brand affordable to wide masses:

I would like the Karl Lagerfeld brand to become more affordable for different segments. I have enough work on collections with Chanel and Fendi to quench your craving for couture fashion. To be "on both sides of the barricades" – The top of skill for the designer.

Alas, while the Karl Lagerfeld collections are inferior in price accessibility to basket brands. But let’s hope, believe and wait for Lagerfeld will still fulfill his dream, and stylish things of his design will be available to everyone.

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